Foreign Exchange Advisors

What We Do

Our FX consultants can help to manage the risk of FX (or "forex") and rate movements.

FX Risk Management

Our forex consultants offer such customized strategic foreign exchange expertise as:
  • Hedging Strategy
  • FX-related Audit, Best Practices, and Compliance Assessments
  • Exposure Management
  • FX Transaction Cost Analysis (TCA)
  • Strategy & Negotiation
    • Pricing
    • Transactions
    • Bank FX Rate/Fee Reduction
  • Customized Market Research, Analysis, Commentary and Forecasting
  • Technical/Market Analysis and Modeling
  • Entry/Exit Points
  • Company/Industry-specific FX Strategies
  • FX-related Treasury, Pricing and Budgeting Advice
  • Issue/Project-specific Analysis and Recommendations
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