Foreign Exchange Advisors

How We Can Help

The Problem

Effective FX consultants can advise on FX issues, needs and objectives. FXA's consultant can help with the following:

  • Foreign suppliers and customers - expenses and sales/revenue in foreign currencies
  • Timing of FX conversions and dealing driven primarily by transactions/projects, as needed, with minimal predictability or flexibility to enable FX planning
  • Cash flow fluctuations arising from FX rate volatility
  • Bottom line profitability uncertainty due to FX rate variability

The Solution

Our FX advisor can help to explain and manage FX risk and costs, including:

  • Transactions
    • Pricing
    • Bank FX Rate/Fee Reduction
    • Objective market researched FX transaction guidance
    • Optimal rates and timing for FX transactions/conversions
    • Market research based negotiations with client's banks (to lower retail spreads charged by banks)
    • Locking in FX rates to bring stability and certainty for budgeting and forecasting purposes and insulate cash flow and profitability from FX volatility
    • Rates can be locked in at levels based on the budgeted target rates of clients, or based on objective market analysis
  • Strategy
    • Customized hedging strategies/levels based on a detailed understanding of the industry, market, cost and sales/revenue variables of clients
    • Customized Market Research, Analysis, Commentary and Forecasting
    • Strategically and objectively timed use of spot transactions, options and forwards
    • Rolling hedge program to neutralize the impact of FX rate volatility on cash flow
  • Infrastructure/Processes
    • Negotiate customized forward rate relationships with client's banks
    • Treasury dept./process audits to assess FX weaknesses and development of corresponding FX infrastructure/process solutions
    • Example - centralized treasury/FX infrastructure/processes for multinationals to maximize FX economies of scales for optimal efficiencies and pricing

Get the Specialized FX Expertise you Need, when you Need it

FXA's experienced and specialized consultant can be more cost-effective than generalist employees.

Our FX expert scans the industry landscape to stay on top of FX concepts, technology, issues and trends; FXA can apply this ever-evolving expertise to meet your FX needs.

Bring in our FX expert only as needed - a more cost effective option compared to full-time employees with a general background and insular perspective.

Manage FX Risk and Costs

If you have international suppliers/customers, we can help to ensure that you don't pay too much when converting/wiring foreign currencies. FXA can research professional-grade FX data and negotiate competitive rates for you. We can also recommend ways to lock in FX rates and proactively minimize FX risk, for increased budgeting/forecasting certainty

FXA can advise clients on FX dealings with their banks, and minimize FX transactional costs - and maximize margins.

Get the Answers you Need with Customized, Professional FX Research and Analysis

Our FX consultant has the perspective and resources to provide professional, customized FX research and analysis. Get expert answers to FX issues or regular market updates on your particular currency targets - both based on professional-grade FX data and insight.

Our forex consultant can add value by providing customized, professional FX risk management in handling these issues.

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