Foreign Exchange Advisors

Foreign Exchange Advisors LLC (FXA) is a uniquely unbiased FX risk management advisory. We work to maximize client profitability by minimizing FX risk and costs with customized analysis. Unlike banks and other FX firms, we don't sell FX products, like trading accounts, wires or options - and thus avoid any conflicts of interest.

Our FX consultants and cryptocurrency "white hat" programmers/traders have worked on the FX desks of leading global banks. They watch, analyze and trade the traditional currency and cryptocurrency markets daily. Whether you have questions about the dollar, euro, yuan, Bitcoin or Ethereum, let us work to your advantage - without the upsell.

Why Manage FX Risk? Dollars and Sense.

  • Reduce the fees/rates for FX transactions with banks and other providers
  • Minimize the effects of FX rate movements on profit margins
  • Increase predictability of future cash flows
  • Reduce the need to accurately forecast the future direction of FX rates
  • Facilitate the pricing of products sold on export markets
  • Protect a company's competitiveness if the value of its home currency rises (e.g., giving a U.S. company time to increase productivity/cut costs if the USD rises)

How Exactly Can We Help? Here's How.

Our goal is to manage FX risk, maximize profits and capital, and optimize the return on financial assets. For example, our forex consultants can:
  • Identify FX exposure and monitor FX rates and trades
  • Objectively advise on hedges and derivative management
  • Identify and quantify FX risk throughout supply chains
  • Develop hedging solutions based on business and market conditions
  • Manage hedging programs and mitigate the impact of FX risk on pricing, revenue and profits
  • Identify, evaluate and forecast FX exposures
  • Advise on executing hedging strategies, in terms of trading FX currency derivatives with banking/financial partners
Our independent, professional FX consultants work solely in your best interests.

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