Foreign Exchange Advisors

Professional FX Risk Advice

Why Manage FX Risk?

  • Reduce the fees/rates for FX transactions with banks and other providers
  • Increase predictability of future cash flows
  • Reduce the need to accurately forecast the future direction of FX rates
  • Facilitate the pricing of products sold on export markets
  • Protect a company's competitiveness if the value of its home currency rises (e.g., giving a U.S. company time to increase productivity/cut costs if the USD rises)

How Exactly Can We Help?

  • Identify FX exposure and monitor FX rates and trades
  • Objectively advise on hedges and derivative management
  • Identify and quantify FX risk throughout supply chains
  • Develop hedging solutions based on business and market conditions
  • Manage hedging programs and mitigate the impact of FX risk on pricing, revenue and profits
  • Identify, evaluate and forecast FX exposures
  • Advise on executing hedging strategies, in terms of trading FX currency derivatives with banking/financial partners

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